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Why Seraphim Solar Panels are so popular?


Why Seraphim Solar Panels are so popular?


Honland (Founded 1969) expanded into Seraphim Solar System in 2009, remains one of the leading World-class Solar Module Manufacturers. Seraphim has more than 1000 employees and exports Solar Module to over 40 countries. (Products that have proven to be well recognized and certified worldwide)


Smarter Manufacturing:

It has 100 percent Fully Automated Production Line (+ 20 percent Production Efficiency & 10 percent Low Production Cost)

It facilitates 24/7 Real-time Monitoring & 25 years and preserved Digital Information Bank (Solar Module Record Manufactured for 25 years) which ultimately resulted in smarter manufacturing.


Open Box Audit Test

OBA Check (Open Box Audit allowing customers to examine the panel on the spot at the factory) (Seraphim have great confidence in their products and the products have proved to be very reliable and stable) Moreover, the Back Sheet is 100% made in Japan.


Photon's Outdoor Module Test

Seraphim top-ranked in Photon's Outdoor Module Test for four consecutive years. Seraphim's modules consistently ranked among the top manufacturers among over 150 brands in the outdoor performance tests conducted by Photon Laboratory, which is the world-renowned industry-leading laboratory.

The laboratory places products in real performance under real installations and in every environmental condition through the most stringent and demanding test.


Thresher Test

Seraphim is the very first manufacturing module to receive the "Thresher Test," which is 3 times stricter than IEC. The test, conducted by TUV SUD, tests factors such as thermal cycling, PID, damp heat, UV and other performance indicators to see if PV modules can function normally. Under the most extreme and variable conditions, TUV SUD accreditation reflects a stable power output.


Seraphim Blade solar modules have the following advantages:


Seraphim products are currently widely used in more than 30 countries, including China, Japan, Germany, Italy, Australia, Canada, India, and the U.S. Seraphim is committed to delivering consumers with safe and clean energy and contributing to the protection of the environment, seeking balance and coexistence between human and ecological conservation. Latest models of Seraphim Panels can be acquired at